AtLink Residential Plans

When choosing a plan, decide what’s important to you.

Our Advanced Plan is our most popular subscription, but we offer several options so you can pick the plan that best fits your needs.
Choose a plan below or call (405) 753-7151, option 2, to speak with a sales agent. Or call toll-free (855) 228-8914


AtLink is now offering 25 Mbps download, 3 Mbps upload packages to select areas of Tuttle and Vinita! Availability is limited – please call for details.

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NO Annual Contract. NO Data Caps. NO Credit Check Required.

All AtLink plans include UNLIMITED DATA with no big-bill surprises, data caps or slowdowns. Many residences connect around a dozen devices to their routers and use multiple devices simultaneously. AtLink possesses the speed and bandwidth to support these setups.

Residential Options:

1. AtLink Equipment Maintenance Protection (highly recommended)

High winds and storms occur regularly in Oklahoma. Avoid hourly service-call rates for repairs and maintenance for just $4.95/month.

2. AtLink Managed Wireless SmartRouter

A reliable router with advanced features and maintenance protection for just $10.95/month (plus a one-time $50 installation fee).

3. AtLink Home Phone Service

Includes domestic long distance (requires digital- or analog-phone converter) for just $16.95/month.

4. AtLink Static IP

Elevate your gaming experience for just $5.00/month (plus a $50 installation fee).

Picking a Plan 

If you're eligible for service, we’ll recommend the best plan for your location. No payment is due until our installer visits your house and checks the connection to our tower. If everything looks good, we’ll install a small antenna and get you online.


Click on the image to see a large-scale version of our coverage map.