AtLink is now offering 25 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up packages to select areas of Tuttle and Vinita! Availability is limited – please call for details.

AtLink Residential Plans

All AtLink plans include UNLIMITED data*. That means we don’t surprise you with huge bills for watching movies and sharing photos.

* AtLlink won’t cap or slow down your data usage unless you violate our service agreement.

What happens next? If it appears that we can provide you with service, we’ll recommend the best plan for your location. No payment is due until our installer visits your house and checks the connection to our tower. If everything looks good, we’ll install a small antenna and get you online.

Residential Options

  • NO Annual Contract. NO Data Caps. NO Credit Check Required. The antenna is installed by AtLink’s professional installers with a $150 installation fee applied to your account.
  • AtLink Equipment Maintenance Protection (highly recommended). High winds and storms occur regularly in Oklahoma. Avoid hourly service-call rates for repairs and maintenance for just $4.95/month.
  • AtLink Managed Wireless SmartRouter. Ask about our secure, state-of-the-art wireless router (requires a one-time $50 install fee). Service fee is just $10.95/month, which includes Equipment Maintenance Protection. With the AtLink SmartRouter, you will have a managed router with advanced features, high reliability, worry-free operation and performance at a price you can afford.
  • AtLink Home Phone Service. Just $16.95/month, includes domestic long distance (requires digital- or analog-phone converter).
  • AtLink Static IP. At just $5 per month with a $50 installation fee, you will be able to elevate your gaming experience.

Click on the image to see a large-scale version of our coverage map.

AtLink Coverage Map is Expanding:

Oklahoma, we have you covered – give us a call:
Office: (405) 753-7151
Toll free: (855) 228-8914

AtLink Services is happy to announce our newest markets that will serve high-speed internet service to areas including Ada, Ardmore, Asher, Bearden, Bristow, Bromide, Council Hill, Dustin, Glenpool, Grayson, Henryetta, Hickory, Hitchita, Holiday Cove (Lake Eufaula), Horntown, Lone Grove, Milburn, Okmulgee, Pink, Prague, Sulphur, Tishomingo, Wainwright, Wetumka and Wewoka. We are so excited about being a part of these communities by providing a way to grow and enrich their daily lives with reliable high-speed internet.

A word about speed. Most consumers require internet service that permits them to watch high-quality videos on demand. Netflix, for example, needs about 3.0 Mbps to play high-definition videos without pausing to buffer now and then. At lower speeds, Netflix will adjust automatically to standard definition. Another consideration is the number of net-connected devices most of us have in our houses. Some residences have a dozen or more connected devices, and often family members are on the web in several rooms at once. Wireless internet, provided by AtLink, can provide these speeds and more. Our company has invested over $1 million so far in 2014 in adding capacity to our busiest towers.

When choosing a plan, decide what’s important to you. Our Advanced plan is our most popular subscription, but we offer several options so you can pick the plan that best fits your needs.

Choose a plan below or call (405) 753-7151, option 2, to speak with a Sales Agent. Or call toll free (855) 228-8914