Fixed-wireless internet

What is fixed-wireless internet

Fixed-wireless internet allows AtLink to provide internet access through radio waves to homes and businesses while erasing the need for hard lines such as those for phones or cable.

Because of the absence of hard lines, AtLink can provide internet access to rural Oklahoma much more adequately than providers that require customers to have phone or cable services.

As long as a customer’s home or business can pick up the radio wave signal at their particular location, or what we like to refer to as "line of sight" to the tower, AtLink can provide internet access to places miles and miles from the closest community.

The radio wave signal comes from AtLink equipment on towers throughout the state and is picked up by a transmitter that is typically on the customer’s roof. That transmitter receives the signal, and it connects to a cable placed inside the house. That cable is then plugged into a wireless router, where it provides Wi-Fi to the home or business.

While AtLink is able to provide service to customers that live outside of city limits, that does not exclude those that live within the city limits. A large portion of AtLink’s customers live within the city limits in the different communities we serve.

The freedom that fixed-wireless internet service provides is unrivaled. Although there are certain limitations, the pros far outweigh the cons.

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